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What is DownTek™?
Only the most amazing thing since the umbrella. Here's the thing: Down is the single best insulation that exists. Period.

Its Achilles heel? Water. Rain. Sweat. Snow. Anything wet. Mother Nature designed down clusters to trap pockets of air. Those pockets are what insulate, keeping you warm and comfortable. Then moisture comes along and deflates the pockets of air, eliminating down's ability to insulate.

Enter DownTek™ PFC-Free Water Repellent Down. DownTek™ shields those insulating-air-trapping-clusters from all wet things.

DownTek™ PFC-Free Water Repellent Down is available in products from your favorite and most trusted brands.

Stays Dry

  • Absorbs 30% less water than untreated down
  • Dries 60% faster than untreated down
  • Retains significantly more loft than untreated down after exposure to moisture


  • DownTek products can be washed without losing the ability to repel water
  • Best results when washed using Grangers Down Wash.


  • DownTek™ retains same fill power as untreated down
  • Water repellent treatment adds no measurable weight
  • Products with DownTek™ remain drier and lightweight longer


  • All natural, non-synthetic treated down
  • PFOA & PFOS free
  • Environmentally safe

Down is in our DNA.

The Technology

Nature + Science = Downtek

DownTek was born from a commitment to innovation and the environment. DownTek is now completely free from all PFC's and stays dry 35 x longer than regular down.

"Down is great until it gets wet...but DownTek™ repels water while maintaining loft, temperature range and packability..."

September 2012 Performance Test, Wired Magazine


  • Ultralight 850 Down Jacket with DownTek™

  • Hi. I'm Brent Vanni from the L.L.Bean product development team. We've made our top-rated Ultralight 850 Down Jacket even better, with new, innovative DownTek water-repellent down. This exceptional value earned the Ultralight 850 Down Jacket the prestigious Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine for 2012. When this exclusive nanotechnology is applied to down clusters, they absorb 33 percent less moisture and dry 66 percent faster. As a result, DownTek makes nature's best insulation even better, keeping it dry and lofty so it can trap heat and provide warmth even in wet conditions.

  • Big Agnes Bellyache Mtn SL

  • Drew discusses the features of the Bellyache Mountain SL 15° Traditional Mummy Sleeping Bag to the backdrop of beautiful downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  • Everest 50th Anniversary Karakorum Sleeping Bag by Eddie Bauer

  • Built and tested by our Eddie Bauer FIrst Ascent guide team, the limited-edition Everest 50th Anniversary bag is the pinnacle of hydrophobic down technology in sleeping bag form. Field tested in the most extreme conditions, and confirmed to be the best by independent labs, StormRepel™ Down powered by DownTek™ is the leading technology to keep you warm even in the wettest conditions.

    Our original Karakoram bags became legends in the mountaineering realm. Our new hydrophobic, high-tech evolution is the next step for ultimate, ultralight performance in the highest and coldest environments.


What is DownTek?

A water repellent treatment that allows down to retain its ability to loft and insulate even when wet.

How does it work?

Our proprietary treatment creates surface tension on each individual cluster of down, so instead of deflating the pockets of air that trap warmth, the moisture has no choice but to bead up and roll away.

Does it make the down heavy?

Nope. DownTek adds no discernible weight to the down. So if you're hiking Mt. Everest, don't worry about your jacket weighing you down (don't you love a pun?).

Is DownTek environmentally safe?

Yes! No PFOAs or PFOSs are used in our proprietary treatment. For a carbon-free alternative, please see DownTek™ ZeroPFC™

Ok, so you're not hurting the environment, but what about the ducks and geese?

Glad you asked. Down is a by-product of the meat industry. That means we only use down obtained from birds already being used for their meat.

Can I wash my DownTek product?

Absolutely! Because liquid detergents contain solvents that strip down of its natural oils, leaving it less able to loft and insulate, as well as leaves behind a residue that can interfere with a water repellent treatment, we recommend Grangers Down Cleaner. Grangers has specially designed their detergent with down in mind. Their down detergent cleans the down without stripping it of its natural oils and will not leave any residue that would interfere with the products' ability to repel water.

Why not just use a synthetic fill?

The down cluster is really amazing. Its three-dimensionality combined with its nearly weightless microscopic filaments make it the perfect insulation for trapping air and providing warmth. None of the oil based, polyester synthetics available have managed to crack the magic recipe that Mother Nature has come up with.

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